Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Book Review- The Justified Sin by Harpreet Makkar

Book Name- The Justified Sin
Author Name- Harpreet Makkar
Genre- Romance Fiction
Pages- 200

Review- This is the debut novel of the Author, Harpreet Makkar and as a debutant he has done quiet good job. Author has good narrating skills which keeps the reader hooked till the end

Book Title and Cover- Book Title is catchy but after reading the title reader may feel its a crime thriller also book cover is good but nowhere matches with the storyline.

Language- Language is simple but attractive and easily understandable. Even the new readers will find it easy to read.

Narration- Author has good narrative skills, this is the reason i was turning pages after pages and read the book in one go. Storyline and plot of the book is strong. Author succeeded to penned down the emotions of the protagonist which i am sure every guy has experienced once in the life time. Friendship between Saloni and Jay, the initiation of Jay and Prachi's relation, relation between Jay and his dad were written beautifully.

Character- Characters are Jaydeep Saloni Prachi Varsha Shaurya  Jay's dad and other family members.
Characters were given the fair amount of importance, however Jay's father who always supports him and never says no to anything was unrealistic and filmy.

There are few technical problems in the novel and reader keep missing the quotes in the book. Ending was not that perfect, i wanted to feel the ending but author ended up early and i kept missing ending even after the end.

Book title and Cover- 3/5
Language Justification- 4/5
Character Justification- 4/5

Final Rating- 4/5

So this the romance fiction with magic touch of friendship and relations and emotions. You can grab your copy on Flipkart Amazon and other online sites and bookstores near you.

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