Sunday, 5 June 2016

Book Review- From Where I See by Dr. Ajay Yadav

Book Name- From Where I See
Author- Ajay Yadav
Publisher- Lifi Publications
Genre- Mystery/Indic Fiction
Price- ₹300


Ajay meets his childhood friend Shruti on a social network site. He finds her to be struggling with intrapersonal, interpersonal, inter-social and inter-religious conflicts. Eventually the conflicts killed her. Police could solve the case but will it prevent hundreds of Shrutis from getting killed? How long will we aim ‘who’ killed, more important is to find out ‘what’ killed. Till we don’t address this issue and work on it, many Shrutis will keep on getting killed. We need to cure the disease not only the symptoms.

This book is an effort of the author to find the root cause and probable remedies of these conflicts, exploration of hundreds of pertinent questions like “why in one religion it becomes so easy to get volunteers to blow themselves and others for the sake of religion? Does the religion divides or unites?Have the immature and wrong interpretation of female emancipation the reason for 13 times rise in divorce rates in last 5 years?

It’s not only a book; it’s the path to revolution, it’s a journey towards Utopian world. If you are open minded, have courage to accept truth and have a desire to change the world ; then be the part of change. Let’s take our first step to build a road to the Utopian Dream.

Review-'From Where I See' is not a common thriller/religious fiction and is definitely a different book. Congratulations to Dr. Ajay Yadav for coming with this unique debut.

Book Title and Cover- Book Title and Cover both are suitable with the story and give us hint that the story is about different perceptions. Blurb and author's note are interesting and again hints us that author is going to express his viewpoint .Overall first impression of book is attractive. Book Cover and Title is catchy

Language and Narration- Language used in the book is lucid. I liked the way author put forward his bold views in decent words. Dialogs used in conversation are short. Narration is decent and shows the ability of author to express his views in the form of monologues.

Storyline and Plot- Story starts with the conversation between Police and protagonist and builds the curiosity.The conversation between police and protagonist is beautifully written and shows the planned plot of the author. The story changes drastically from mystery thriller to the strong viewpoints of author in the form of discussions. The storyline shows vast research and knowledge of the author about various topics like Indian History, World History,sex etc. The list of references at the end of the book shows hard work of author and i am thankful for the knowledge.

End of the story is fast and lacks the mystery portion which readers expect.

Drawbacks- The lengthy monologues and discussions are boring. Also as stated, end is too fast without essence of mystery.

Book Title and Cover- 5/5
Language and Narration- 4/5
Storyline and Plot-3.5/5

Final Rating- 4/5

Overall the book is treat for debate books. I'm sure you'll love it or hate it from the core there's no mid point. However the book is not for readers seeking cheap thriller or short mystery book.

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