Thursday, 3 November 2016

Book Review- The God Factor For Success And Contentment by Nitin Srivastava

AUTHOR: Nitin Srivastava
COST paperback/E-book: INR 170/80

VERDICT- The God Factor For success And Contentment serves you an inspirational book with the touch of spirituality. It brings out many issues in such manner that readers will find this book inspiring yet interesting enough to be glued with the book.

Nitin Srivastava is an engineer and right now he is working as an Assistant professor at an engineering college. Since childhood he has had an interest in writing. He has a thirst for writing which  can only be quenched by writing and expressing his thoughts. When he decided to be an engineer he had to leave behind his love for writing and follow a different path.
But now after achieving his desired career he has returned back to writing. He loves and enjoys writing about spirituality. According to him spirituality is his basic quest. The God Factor for Success and Contentment is a result of this quest. He wishes to inspire his students on the path of spirituality. Readers can connect with him on

ABOUT THE BOOK-God Factor For Success And Contentment is self-help/ inspirational book with no main plot but author uses many short stories to discuss the new ideas. Short stories used in this book are diverse and helps readers to get along with the content. With this book Nitin focuses on  the new way of thinking the same things that happen with us. The spirituality in this book does motivate his readers.

REVIEW-God Factor For Success And Contentment is Self Help book which draws inspiration and new way of thinking. Writing style of Author is impressive and holds the attention of readers. Language is simple yet lucid. Ideas and stories used by author inspire us to think beyond our limited and restricted thoughts. All the stories and life situations are relatable and thus attracts readers. Cover is beautiful and appropriate with the content of the book.

HIGHLIGHT-This book forces you to think in a new way with the touch of spirituality. I would recommend this book to readers who want to read inspiring yet interesting book.


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