Monday, 6 February 2017

Book Review- Because...Every Raindrop is a Hope by Mansi Sharma and Sankalp Kohli

Book Details-
Book Name- Because... Every Raindrop is a Hope.
Authors- Mansi Sharma and Sankalp Kohli
Genre- Multi genre/Fiction
Publisher- General Press
Pages- 192
Price- ₹175

Caught in the turmoil of an Underrated Love and an Overrated Infatuation, Raj, a young boy with larger than life dreams, from a small town of Kanpur, is at the cross road of life, where every road ahead leads to nothing but a Dead-end. Through the gruelling course of circumstances, he is subjected to the bitter tests of life, where he fails to justify his one decision of parting ways with Mahek. But, when Mahek flashes out of his life, leaving him all alone, the guilt of not been forgiven by her, ruins his soul; and that frustration leads him into seclusion, devoid of even his best buddies - Rohan and Rahul. Failed love, broken friendship, a hurt ego and lost soul - Raj is doomed to darkness. With no ray of hope ahead, just when Raj is about to give up on life, he come across a note, written to him by his favourite professor, "Never give up Raj Because Every Raindrop is a Hope" which brings Raj face to face with his own self. Why Love that makes Life beautiful, turns into Satan? Why friendship one fine day loses all its meaning? Why on the crowded roads of Mumbai city, Raj finds himself walking all alone? Will Raj challenge Life and fight back with the sword of Hope or will he take the easy way out by succumbing to the arduous tests of time.

Review- Because... Every Raindrop is a Hope is a realistic and relatable life story of Raj. The story talks about his love and infatuation, his college days and fun, his downfall and whether he climbs back or not. 
This book was interesting and I was hooked to the story. The book ends with positive notes and teaches us a few important life lessons.

Book Title and Cover- The Title is interesting and appropriate with the book. It gives us insight about the content. The Cover is not-attractive and could be improved.
The Blurb is short, crisp and interesting.

Language and Narration- The Language of the book is simple and easy to comprehend. Narration is done well and it is in first person narrative. Editing is done quiet well and the book is without any grammatical mistakes.

Characterization- All the characters are relatable and authors have done well to build the characters and their emotions as the story continues. Raj, our main protagonist can be related with most of the teenagers.
Other characters are also well portrayed.

Theme- Theme of the book is Hope as the title suggests. It also includes friendship and love.

Storyline and Plot-As I said earlier, the story is interesting. The Story pace is slow for a few pages but it increases pace after that and events happen one after the other quickly.
College life was fun to read and it was the most relatable part in the book.

However, Plot is common with most of the romance fictions, this book gives us an engaging storyline, a good ending, relatable characters and a few important life lessons.

Book Title and Cover- 3/5
Language and Narration- 4/5
Characterization- 4/5
Storyline and Plot- 3/5

Final Rating- 3.5/5

Overall, Because... Every Raindrop is a Hope is a multi genre novel which engages you with interesting story and connecting character with not so unique plot.

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