Saturday, 8 July 2017

Book Review- The Inimitable Chaos of Life by Maliny Mohan

Book Details-
Book Name- The Inimitable Chaos of Life
Author- Maliny Mohan
Genre- Anthology/Fiction
Publisher- StoryMirror
Pages- 183
Price- ₹190

Blurb- A naive girl of eighteen is trapped in a dungeon, which changes her and her capturer’s life forever. Afar, tucked away in the sleepy terrains of a town in Kerala, a married woman is determined to revisit a forbidden part of her past. A model-turned-MBA aspirant is scourged mentally for a decision she almost made three years back. Back in the less happening village of Kanyapuram, an aspiring author loses a copy of her very first manuscript.

True to its title, ‘The Inimitable Chaos of life’ is an amalgamation of enthralling stories borrowed from the chaotic pages of life, which allure you to relive the multitude of unique emotions humans are made of.

Review- Maliny Mohan's The Inimitable Chaos of Life is an Anthology Fiction. For a debut author, Maliny has done good job penning down this one.

I received free copy of this book from Kalamos Literary Services in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Book Cover and Title- Book Cover is eye pleasing and goes well with the content of the book. Title is catchy and creates curiosity about the book.

Blurb is short, crisp and interesting.
Altogether, First Impression of the book attracts readers.

Language and Narration- Language used in the book is rich in vocabulary and Maliny has her way of using correct words for describing various emotions.

Narrating style of Maliny is decent and compliments the book.
Although  Editing is poor and there are few editing errors in the novel.   

Content- All the stories are different and shows chaos of emotions through stories.

Author has excellent story telling skills which I am sure readers will love.

Every story has different sets of emotions to deliver and relatable character and life situation which makes this book one of the well written short story books.

Book Cover and Title- 3.5/5
Language and Narration- 3/5
Content- 4/5

Final Rating- 3.5/5

All in all, The Inimitable Chaos of Life is one of the finest Anthology Fiction book of 2017 and short story readers would enjoy this book.

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