Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Book Review- BFF: Best Friends Forever by Supriya Parulekar

Book Name: BFF: Best Friend Forever
Author Name: Supriya Parulekar
Publisher:Frog Books
Price: ₹145/$6

BFF: Best Friends Forever is a first person narrative by Tanishq Sehgal who talks about his life as a confused, restless teenager and the mischief-monger who diligently writes his destiny. In boarding, lonely Tanishq often converses with the mischief-monger, blaming him for the wrongs in his life. He has to prove himself and he does so by beating Mike, national level skate champion. Thus things change for Tanishq and the gorgeous Mira seeks him out. Tanishq s buddy Varun is madly in love with Mira. Hence, Tanishq tries to maintain a considerable distance with Mira which eventually angers her. Tanishq is ignorant about his best friend Priyanka s feelings for him back home. Priyanka goes away to London as he grapples with his parents crumbling marriage. 10 years later, when he comes across the love of his life, he is in much better position to understand his feelings for Priyanka.

REVIEW: I loved the title of the book, book cover is relatable to the story. Blurb gives us hint about the srory. Story is first person narration by the hero of the  story Tanishq Sehgal. I loved the way author has narrated the story. The emotions of a 14 year boy are amazingly penned by the aurhor. I loved the relation shared by Tanishq and Piyu. It was something rare i hv read recently. Bond and Friendship between the Varun Raghav and Tanishq was beautiful. It was fun reading their mischiefs and the way Tanishq help Mike.

There are many grammatical mistakes in the book. The Grammer of the book made the reading difficult and there are some typing errors too.
So this is the story about friendship and love and you can buy your copy from Amazon or Flipkart or nearby book Store

Review by- Ravi Gurunani

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