Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Book Review- No Parking No Halt: Success Non-stop by Abhishek Ratna

Book Name- No Parking No Halt: Success    Non-Stop
Author Name- Abhishek Ratna
Publisher- Supernova Publishers
Genre- Self Help
Pages- 203
Price- ₹295

A self - help book for success at work! No parking.No halt. success Non-stop! has 50 career lessons for today's 20teen generation.

Practical and comprehensive, the book often stretches to the point of cunning without harming . interspersed with quotes, stories and humour it also breaks a few myths. The author trends a fine line between ethical and non-ethical. the author is able to convince the reader about the necessity for professional success.

Abhishek ratna is a member of mensa international [ an IQ of 156 on castle scale ] and an alumni of IIT Madras. he has an MBA in finance and marketing and has worked extensively in the corporate world

Ratna is gifted with keen observation skills and is passionate about coaching for success . he has also worked as an image consultant and personal branding coach.

He enjoys mentoring ans speaking assignments on success. he is working closely with a few emtrepreneurs and loves tackling dynamic challenges of the entrepreneurial world.

REVIEW- The book consist of 50 beautiful lessons in the form of stories. Author has illustrated the lessons using simple examples lIke Angry Birds etc which makes the book interesting . Apart from stories the book also consist of quotes. Language is simple and understandable. Personally i learnt many lessons from the book which can be apply professionally and personally.

This book is *must read* for those who are in corporate sector or who are willing to join corporate sector.

Language- 4/5
Narration- 4/5
Final rating- 4/5

Review by- Ravi Gurunani

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