Friday, 27 May 2016

Book Review- Beyond by Honey Tripathi

Book Name: Beyond
Author: Honey Tripathi
Publisher: LiteraMuse Publications
Genre- Short Fiction
Pages- 37
Price- 49 (kindle version)


This is a story of a young lady in her early 30s, who one day out of inquisitiveness enrolled herself into one stress management course and experienced altogether different world. This book is based on her personal experience. The book starts with some funny incidents that took place during the five days journey and ends up on some thinking notes. Hope u enjoy reading...

REVIEW- Beyond is short friction by Honey Tripathi. The most interesting thing about this book is despite being as short as 37 pages (25 pages of actual content) it teaches you one of the best lesson of life. The story of the girl is quiet relatable, most of us find ourselves in her shoes. I loved the pictorial representation in the book.However, there are some grammatical mistakes. Also story lacks the flow, which makes it difficult for readers to connect. It could have been better with bit extra story.

Overall Beyond is must read motivational book. It hardly takes 15 minutes to complete the book.


Book Cover- 3.5/5

Story- 3/5

Final Rating- 3/5

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