Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Book Review: The Broken Sun by Alokita Sharma

Book Name- The Broken Sun
Authoress- Alokita Sharma
Publisher- Petals Publications
Genre- Romantic Thriller
Pages- 136
Price- ₹175

Anay had everything he could ask for. A job he loved. A girlfriend he adored. He was getting recognition for his work. Life should have been dandy then. When layers were peeled off from this so called dandy life of Anay, he loved his assistant more, his girlfriend was dead and his research was missing.

He was truly broken. People knew his deepest darkest secrets, his father was still a bastard and he was a murder suspect. In nine hours his life has taken a drastic turn. Could he survive this? Would he survive this seems like a more appropriate question!

Review- The Broken Sun is the first book of Broken Series by Alokita Sharma. Its more a psychological thriller than a love story.

Book Title and Cover- Book Title and Cover of the book are catchy and builds curiosity in the mind of readers. Blurb is interesting too.

Language- Language is impressive and without traffic of difficult words. Even new readers will find this book easy to read.

Narration- I liked the slightly different narration. As the story continues i found myself enjoying the slightly different narration.

Storyline and Plot- Storyline and Plot is strong and demands attention of readers. I loved the way author penned down emotions of Anay, the main protagonist. However end was little fast and reader feel the incompleteness in story.

1. Book Cover
2. Narration
3. Storyline

1. There are hell lot of typing mistakes throughout the book which spoils the reading.

2. Name was changed in one of chapter creating confusion in readers mind.

3. Punctuation and Grammatical Mistakes.

Book Cover and Title- 3.5/5
Language Justification- 3/5
Storyline and Plot- 3/5

Final Rating- 3.2/5

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