Saturday, 9 July 2016

Book Review- A Broken Man by Akash Verma

Book Name- A Broken Man
Author- Akash Verma
Publisher- Srishti Publication
Genre- Fiction/Romance
Pages- 224
Price- ₹195

BLURB- Take a deep breath before you are born here, my child!

You take birth in a land where I struggled; Gave it my sweat and blood. A land that I thought belonged to me..… Unbridled, uncompromising.

Krishna is a Dalit boy from Bihar who struggles too overthrow the chains that hold him back. Chhavi is a high caste Brahman girl fighting for the rights of others, propagating equality in a politically charged Lucknow University campus. After Krishna saves Chhavi from getting torched during a protest against reservation, love slowly blossoms, only to be ruthlessly crushed by a society that thrives on divisions of caste and religion. From student politics in Lucknow to the interiors of Bihar, from the corridors of power to the glitz of media and the film industry in Mumbai.

A Broken Man is the quest of a deprived Krishna to redeem hope from despair, love from separation and success out of repeated failures. From the bestselling author of It Happened That Night and Three Times Loser, this is a story that reinforces our faith in what love can accomplish as it pushes us to achieve the impossible, making us tap our true inner potential.

REVIEW- A Broken Man is same old story wrapped in new cover. Readers will find nothing new in this book other than some beautiful hindi verses.

Book Cover and title are appropriate. Together with blurb, first impression of book attracts readers. Language of the book is simple and easily understandable. Simple narration of the book binds readers with the story. Climax was predictable.


•Hindi Verses
•Caste Discrimination is described brilliantly
•Teaches some important life lessons


•Grammatical Mistakes
•Story seems to be old with nothing new


Book Title and Cover- 3.5/5
Language and Narration- 3.5/5
Characterization- 3/5
Storyline- 2/5

Final Rating- 3/5

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