Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Book Review- Love Bi The Way by Bhaavna Arora

Book Name- Love Bi The Way
Author- Bhaavna Arora
Publisher- Penguin Publications
Genre- Fiction-Romance-LGBT
Pages- 240
Price- ₹199

Rihana is a painter who is trying to find inspiration in love. Zara is a businesswoman trying to make a niche for her company in a male-dominated world. Rihana is fire, Zara is ice; Rihana is openly sensual, while Zara is more cautious with her heart—they are opposites that attract. They are different people bound together by their house—‘Cupid’—and their pet golden retriever, Tiger.

As both of them navigate their fulfilling careers and try to leave behind troubled pasts, they find solace in each other. But Tiger’s not the only male in their lives. Rihana finds herself a string of sexy men, while Zara emerges out of her shell and meets an actual prince who sweeps her off her feet. But can these relationships last? And what road will they take when love happens bi the way?

REVIEW- Love Bi The Way is third novel by bestselling Indian Author Bhaavna Arora. Her previous books are The Deliberate Sinner and Mistress of Honour. I received this book from Author Paradise in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Book Cover and Title- Title of our book is attractive and appropriate with the content. Cover is beautiful and intriguing, but i couldn't  relate it with the content. Blurb is up to mark and interesting enough for readers to pick the book.
Altogether, First Impression of our book is catchy and attracts readers to read this book.

Language and Narration- Language of our book is simple and flows smoothly throughout the book. Narration is fruitful. Book is full of amazing one liners.

Some of the few liners that i loved are-

For the media, any bad news is good news, and any good news is boring.

Children should never get exposed to a parent’s sins if they are to remain scar-free. And there are some things about our parents that we could do without knowing.

Theme- Love Bi The Way is not only about LGBT love but it also covers the Friendship and Human Emotions. 

Storyline and Plot- As i mentioned earlier, Love Bi The Way is not only about LGBT Love but it also covers the various odds of our society. Bhaavna Arora takes on problems of our society with perfect humor and one liners that reader find it relatable instantly.

All the characters are justified properly with their secrets revealing one by one for readers to relate and glued with the book.
Pace of our book is fast. 

Book Cover and Title- 3/5
Language and Narration- 4/5
Theme- 4/5
Storyline and Plot- 4/5

Overall Love Bi The Way is perfect page turner with unique theme. I would recommend this book to readers who wants to read something different but interesting as well.

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