Monday, 20 March 2017

Book Review- Kaliyug: The Secret Plot by B.S. Sarwagna Kumar

Book Details-
Book Name- Kaliyug: The Secret Plot
Author- B. S. Sarwagna Kumar
Genre- Mythology/ Hindu Mythology
Publisher- Half Baked Beans
Pages- 300
Price- ₹299 (paperback copy)

Blurb- If you think humanity has lost its meaning, greater darkness is on its way. What could have happened in the past that made our present to be in this way? And how would our present society demolish the future to crumbles? This is war; war between the first devil, and his nemesis...war between religion and divinity of 'spirituality & knowing'...war between cruel hearted and kind ones. This is the war of KALIYUG. An army consisting an axe, a sword, a horse, great wisdom, and the remains of a dead child, is coming to slay the first of evil, and his minions. Pick your side. Good, or evil? Respect, or rape? Kindness, or cruelty? Come join Kaliyug's secretive battle with its twisted secretive plot!

Review- Kaliyug The Secret Plot is one of the most interesting Indian mythological book I have read. There are lot many mythological books which are in market and many more are coming. What makes this book brilliant is that it not only serves us a wonderful storyline and narration but also teaches us a thing or two about Spirituality, Religion and Karma.

Book Cover and Title- Book Cover is appropriate and catchy at the same time. It attracts readers at the first glimpse. Title is appropriate with the content and gives us clear hint about the genre and content.

Language and Narration- Language used in the book is lucid and rich in vocabulary. Language and narration is one of the reason why I was so connected with the book. Narration is done well. For the first part, story flows smoothly with fast pace but in second part it slows down. However, storyline keeps us hooked with the book.

Storyline and Content-
Kaliyug: The Secret Plot is first book of Kali Trilogy. The book is divided into parts, that are-

1. The Journey so far
2. The Journey Afar

In the first part, Author tells us mythological stories which we all have heard in our childhood. Author skillfully brings out the common connection between the stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata with Kali's story.

In Second part, Book Deals with short stories of different timelines ending with the Victory of Lord Vishnu over Kali.

Author has done brilliant job with the stories and connecting them with one another to serve us a altogether new storyline which was interesting to read. However second part of the book is not boring and it could have been cut shorted. Climax could have been better.

1. Language and Narration
2. Common Connections between various stories.
3. Author beautifully teaches us about Spirituality and Religion.
4. Emotional scenes between Kalki and his mother.

1. Second part was messy and it could have been cut shorted

2. Climax could have been better.

Book Cover and Title- 4/5
Language and Narration- 5/5
Storyline and Content- 4/5

Final Rating- 4.3/5

All in all, Kaliyug The Secret Plot is one of the brilliant Indian Mythological book which could be read by every reader. Even if you don't like the mythological genre, read this book for its literature and vast knowledge about Spirituality and Religion.

Note- I received free e-copy of the book from Mr. Kumar in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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