Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Book Review- Silent Invaders by Shree

Book Details-
Book Name- Silent Invaders
Author- Shree
Genre- Psychological/Crime Thriller
Publisher- Petals Publisher
Pages- 96
Price- ₹140

Blurb- Silent Invaders' is a mystery-thriller novel. It revolves round the life of a young woman Sana and the story involves hate crimes which were nurtured due to childhood assaults. Sana develops a horrific mental illness, which impacts her normal life drastically. She remains totally oblivious of what was happening to her and around her. But her near and dear ones finally stir the society to become aware of the reasons and the consequences of the traumatic condition Sana went through.

Review- Silent Invaders is short novel written by Shree which serves us a very neatly written, fast paced psychological thriller. Intriguing Storyline, un-revealed clues and strong plot makes reader hooked with the book.

I received a review copy from Lab Academia and Naaz Farhaa in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Book Cover and Title- Book Cover is attractive and gives hint about the genre. It goes well with the content. Title is catchy and attracts readers. Blurb is short and up to mark.

Overall First Impression of book attracts readers.

Language and Narration- Language used in the book is simple and easy to understand. Narration is done in third person narrative. Narration is done well and keeps readers glued with the book. Editing is done well and book is free of grammatical errors.

Characterization- As a crime story, there are many characters in the book but author did well to justify each of them as per the demand of story.

Sana is our main character who is fun loving girl with dark past. Her past included child abuse which follows her with the age.

From other characters, I liked Sana's parents the most. They're supportive and ideal parents one could ask for.

Theme- Main theme of the book is Psychological Crime thriller but it also covers Child Abuse and Love. All in all this book gives us all the essential elements one could ask for.

Storyline and Plot- Story starts with brutal murders in Durham city, England. There also runs story of Sana, who was adopted by Lahiri couple. Sana has dark past. The story is about how her past changes her and her parents' world and how her past is linked with the murders.

Storyline is fast paced and I completed it in one sitting. From the first page only incidents starts taking place and reader is forced to turn page by page. Author leaves clues here and there and makes readers guess about the suspense before giving us unexpected turns.

Also, I liked the way author has given detailed account of Mental illness.

Book Cover and Title- 4/5
Language and Narration- 3/5
Characterization- 3.5/5
Storyline and Plot- 4/5

Final Rating- 3.5/5

All in all, The Silent Invaders is fast paced, gripping novel about crime with perfect blend of psychology and thriller.

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