Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Book Review: Loves Lost by Sourabh Mukherjee

Book Details-
Book Name- Loves Lost
Author- Sourabh Mukherjee
Genre- Romantic Fiction
Edition- Kindle e-book

Blurb- A teenager in a quaint Kolkata neighbourhood falls in love with a girl who gets off her school bus every afternoon near his house and nurtures his love as the years pass by. A young entrepreneur turns to work and alcohol to get over the pain of losing the love of his life till she unexpectedly walks back into his arms in a party. A billboard advertisement reveals a shocking truth to a man who has lost his wife and his memory in an accident. An insecure boy fears losing an attractive girl forever when she breaks all contacts with him after they have made love. As a girl nurses her broken heart, she meets a stranger on the Internet.

Review- Loves Lost is an anthology by Sourabh Mukherjee where author presents us 5 short stories all of which have one common thing: Love. 

Sourabh takes us on a ride of love through different stories and makes us feel all the emotions one feels when love happens. It covers all form of loves ranging from Love at first sight, Second Chances, Unrequited Love and Closures. What I liked the most about the book is that the author even in its imagery does not force happy endings, mushy-cheekiness even though the central plot and theme of the stories is Love. The only thing I didn't like about this book is the stories become rather predictable given its theme but author tries well to cover it by adding twists and turns.

Narration is good and the imagery provided by author helps readers to get into the stories right from first page. Book Cover soothes an eye and is suitable with the book theme and title.

Overall, this 57 pages short book is something that you'll need to read after a hectic day of work or a short travel distance.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Book Review- Asian Winds by Saurabh Pant

Book Details-
Book Name- Asian Winds
Author- Saurabh Pant
Genre- Poetry
Edition- Kindle e-book

Blurb- This book is a vivid poetry work by Indian poet Saurabh Pant that generally covers key Asian issues in poetic form.
An EBook that covers major political, cultural, economic and natural issues- it is a multiple-theme creative work and an optimistic piece for all worldwide and Asian readers.
Priya Verma presents great photos and they are appreciated also by Poetry Ireland through Photo editing chief Gordon Johns sir and Anaya Roberts madam highlighting on the work that make it an equal creative expedition.
From topics that range between Indian Subcontinent, Chinese domination, Islamic religion, Border challenges, Financial and diplomatic ties, oceanic trade and virtual aspect- It is a well worth poetic piece and a must read which is sure to gain reader's attention.
Ultimately as Asian power rises, it is a well typed work by the author around...

Review- As the name suggests, this poetry book revolves around the Nations of Asia. The author has chosen a great subject for showcasing his poetic knowledge about the nations and as the title suggests, the winds and the directions of Asia.

Cover of the book is apt, simple and smart and builds the overall vibe towards the book as the Title suggests.

The poems are divived into 10 sections, each section has its own set of Poems. The vocabulary and overall narration of Poems is smooth. Author goes out of simple rhyme-sceme mantra of Indian Poets and thus helps push the overall Asiatic Vibes of the book. Poet manages to weave history and war with poetry and Asian Winds is the product of the same.

If you're into Asia and the ongoing Political Winds do intrigue you, this is the perfect book for you.

Friday, 10 April 2020

Book Review- Warming Fumes by Saurabh Pant

Book Details-
Book Name- Warming Fumes
Author- Saurabh Pant
Genre- Poetry
Edition- Kindle e-book

This book is a vivid piece of poetry work by Indian author Saurabh Pant that generally focuses nature as its core theme to approach and study certain issues that are still vibrant.
A collection of poems with cartoons presented by Priya Verma from India and some photos shared by author's Indian Google team, the work highlights issues of warming, tries to bring them in common picture and explain problems widely.
The book contains poems on nature of certain areas, highlights issue of urban heat and cultural stigma, the challenges of political factors in scene, and ultimately focuses on the multiple scenes dominating the nature.
Thus it is a work of natural poetry, the author has presented rhythmic styles on certain poems, and at last a work that is surely going to attract readers and help them enjoy this poetry collection for sure at large...

Review- Warming Fumes is a collection of poems with Environment at the heart of this book.

This book has come out at such point of time when entire humanity has to stop and think about Environment and this book could help us articulate our thoughts better.

Poems read smooth and are of medium length. The usage of drawing attacts the attention and gives light to the poems being read, at certain point the drawing becomes monotonous and dosent add much flavour to the poems. 

Book Cover is beautiful, warm and eye soothing. 

I'd give 3.5/5 stars.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Book Review- Just A Housewife by Rakesh Varma

Book Details-
Book Name- Just A Housewife
Author- Rakesh Varma
Genre- General 
Publisher- Rupa Publications India 
Pages- 200 Pages 

Blurb- Barkha is a successful working woman. She is rich, beautiful and ambitious. But love eludes her.
Anjali is an intelligent, fearless and ambitious woman with a loving husband and two kids. Outwardly, her little family looks perfect but if you peer closely, her home is falling apart.
Aradhya is a submissive and dutiful wife who fears living after the death of her husband. But then, she has to protect her two little daughters from a harsh world.
What is it that these three women are looking for? Are they looking for love in their life or calm in the love, which they already have?
Just a Housewife explores the journey of three women in search of their identity, in a society constantly questioning their every move in a world that is ruthless.

Review-  Just A Housewife serves us not only a general fiction but also a kind of story which makes readers feel the characters and makes room for debate over the idea of the book.

Book Title and Cover- Book Title is suitable with content but lacks the eye grabbing power that the book title holds. Book cover is beautiful but again fails to attracts the attention of the readers.  Blurb is interesting and hints us about the content.

Language and Narration- Language of this book is simple and easily understandable. Narration is decent and easy going. 
All the characters in the book are defined amazingly. I loved how beautifully characters were growing simultaneously with the story.

Storyline and Plot- Talking about Storyline and Plot i must say that this book is unputdownable. The basic idea of this book is beautiful and demands full points for that. Author did try to make it presentable but there were parts where storyline seemed weak but altogether, the basic essence of story made it till the end. Story flows smoothly with enough pace to hold attention of the readers.

Author has amazing skill to describe all sort of emotions in few words. Also the story is not makes a good read but goes on ahead to make few points from the female perspective which I felt are the highlights of the book.

Kudos to the author for writing this book. It wasn't a perfect read but I'd still suggest you to read this book for the plot and general idea that it provides and promotes.

Book Title and Cover- 4/5 
Language and Narration- 4.2/5
Storyline and Plot- 4.5/5

Final Rating- 4.2/5

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Book Review- The Sinners by Sourabh Mukherjee

Book Details-
Book Name- The Sinners
Author- Sourabh Mukherjee
Genre- Thriller
Publisher- Srishti Publications
Pages- 200 pages

Blurb- Vikram Oberoi is found dead in his penthouse. A few hours ago, his involvement in a sex scandal in NexGen Technologies made headlines across the world. Who is behind the sinister conspiracy that destroyed Vikram Oberoi, the philandering India Head of NexGen? Rivals within and outside the firm? One of his many jilted lovers or the miffed wife? A mysterious conspirator laying out honey traps to sabotage his plans? Or, is it the ghost of a sinful past that continues to haunt the Oberois? The Sinners is a fast-paced thriller with a shocking twist that unravels against the backdrop of corporate warfare, illicit relationships and ruthless seduction games.

Review- The Sinners is a thriller fiction written by Sourabh Mukherjee where author serves us intriguing plot with amazing storytelling skills. This book is one of the brilliant thriller i have read by an Indian Author.

Book Title and Cover- Book Title is interesting and creates curiosity about it. Cover is alluring and appropriate. Blurb is interesting and attracts readers to pick up the book. Overall First Impression of this book demands attention of readers.

Language and Narration- Language used by Mr. Mukherjee is simple yet attractive. Narrating style is commendable and author ends each chapter at such point that readers are forced to turn page after page.

Theme- Theme of this book is strictly thriller. Although it also serves us Suspense  and other elements. I liked the way author directly came to the main point without wasting time in unnecessary descriptions.

Characterization- Mr. Mukherjee skillfully writes about his characters and readers can feel the emotion of characters and story through his words. Each character is justified properly.

Storyline and Plot- Plot is unique with detailed description of each and every situation which glue readers with the story. As said earlier, story picks the pace from the first page and readers enjoy every page filled with mystery, suspense and excitement to reveal the truth.

Book Title and Cover- 4/5
Language and Narration- 3/5
Characterization- 4/5
Storyline and Plot- 3.5/5

Final Rating- 3.5/5

Overall The Sinners is a thriller fiction which is perfect blend of Mystery, Suspense and amazing story telling skills which i am sure will entertain readers. I would recommend this book to readers who read Thriller Fiction.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Book Review- When You're Gone by Amit Sharma

Book Details-
Book Name- When You're Gone
Author- Amit Sharma
Genre- Fiction
Edition- Kindle

Blurb- Amman is a travel writer on an assignment in Shimla. A happy-go-lucky guy that he is, Amman stumbles upon a girl named Ayesha who captures his heart and changes everything that he has ever known. Their attraction for each other turns into love that cannot be described in a few words, and both end up falling in love at the end of a road journey through the beautiful landscapes of Himachal. 
But things change between them when Amman vanishes and Ayesha leaves for Paris disheartened. Years later, their paths cross again, not once but twice. Will she accept the love that she has waited for all her life, or choose to tread her own path?
When You’re Gone is a tale of self discovery, bliss, love and longing in a time where love has become a loaded word.

Review- When You're Gone is brilliant novel by Amit Sharma where author serves us not only a romantic fiction but also a kind of story which makes readers feel the characters.

Book Title and Cover- Book Title is suitable with content as it is a romantic fiction. Book cover is beautiful yet sad and catches attention of readers. Blurb is interesting and hints us about the content. Overall First Impression of book is good and catches attention of the readers.

Language and Narration- Language of this book is simple and easily understandable. Narration is decent and easy going. 
All the characters in the book are defined amazingly. I loved how beautifully characters were growing simultaneously with the story.

Storyline and Plot- Talking about Storyline and Plot i must say that this book is unputdownable. All the scenes are described with utmost care that makes this story even more realistic. Story flows smoothly with enough pace to hold attention of the readers. Plot is strong with twists and turns and totally unexpected climax.

Author has amazing skill to describe all sort of emotions in few words. Also this story not only entertain you but also teaches few important life lesson.

Book Title and Cover- 4/5 
Language and Narration- 4/5
Characterization- 3.5/5 
Storyline and Plot- 3/5

Final Rating- 3.5/5

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Book Review- A Woman Unparalleled by Preet Sandhu

Book Title-
Book Name- A Woman Unparalleled
Author- Preet Sandhu
Genre- Self Helf/ Motivational
Publication- Invincible Publishers

Blurb- As a businesswoman, I have gone through several phases and have done much learning and unlearning to reach where I am today. As per my understanding, writing involves a deep understanding of life experiences and teachings. In this book, I have penned down all my experiences to light up the way for others in their journey. 
This book will contain everything starting from motivation, to information to experiences. This book will issue some of the major problems that we face today not only in our professional lives but also in our personal lives. While reading this book, readers will learn three paths of life, i.e. the paths of Identification, Realization & Implication.

Review- Reading this book on the eve of Christmas made this book even more special. This book is life journey of Preet and how beautifully she drew instances from her life and projected in the form of this book.

This book isn't the kind of self help book which we all are used to read but this one's quiet different in a positive way. Author talks about ups and downs, the struggles and how to solve them while conquering over our fears.

Language used by author is simple and book reads smoothly. This one's a small read so you can finish it off within 3 hours.

I'll suggest this book to people who want to read something positive and inspiring.