Friday, 19 August 2016

Book Review- Bass and the Lady by Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke

Bass and the Lady is the fifth book in the historical fiction western series 'The Nations' by Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke. This book is surely page turner. Filled with action and adventure of Bass Reeves, the western hero and the only female Deputy US Marshal in the Indian Nations, F. M. (Fiona) Miller to capture and bring in Bass Reeves’ son, Bennie, who killed his wife when he found her in bed with another man and a notorious Indian renegade, Calvin Mankiller, who murdered Fiona Miller’s husband.
Farmer and Stienke, with this novel “Bass and the Lady”, lives up to the high standards set with the previous novels. This book is spiced with clever humour, history along with suspense and action. Characters of this book seems real and you can hear them while reading.

A must read book for 'The Nations' series lovers. I would recommend this book to action and historical fiction lovers.

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