Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Book Review- Rukhsat The Departure by Sujit Banerjee

Book Name- Rukhsat: The Departure
Author- Sujit Banerjee
Genre- Short Story Collection/Anthology
Publisher- Leadstart Publications
Pages- 260
Prize-  ₹250

” Twenty-six alphabets, twenty-six names, and twenty-six short stories. Each exploring one unique emotion, taking you into the dark recess of the mind. Some frothy and most of them dark. Most standing alone and some facing a mirror, where the same story comes alive in two different ways, through two different protagonist . Meet myriad characters – from the single-minded prostitute to the man on the railways station bereft of any memory; a woman desperate for a biological child to a dead man’s trial. Meet a jealous lover with a twisted brain and a gay man’s memory of a one-night encounter. Meet twenty-six such characters arrested and sentenced for life inside the pages of a book. Each one leaving an indelible mark on your soul.. “

Rukhsat- The Departure is collection of 26 short stories arranged in alphabetical order from A-Z. Kudos to author to present such a book as his debut.

Cover- Vintage themed tree with falling leaves is appropriate with the book and also catches the attention of readers.

Structure- Mr. Banerjee has beautifully penned down 26 short stories depicting 26 different emotion but are connected to each other because of the characters used in the book. Writing style of author is brilliant and together with simple language author made me feel the emotions of each story and took me beyond reality.

The characters look lively and it is difficult to present all the situation in 5-6 pages but Mr. Banerjee has done justice with his stories. Each story contains different plot and different set of emotions.

Drawbacks- Almost all the stories are predictable. In some stories the build up of suspense is so much that reader might lose the track of story. There are few editing mistakes as well. Also Author could have numbered the stories at the start.

Book Cover- 3.5/5
Language- 4/5
Writing Style- 3.5/5

Overall Rating- 3.5/5

Overall Rukhsat The Departure is one of the brilliant book that will stay with his readers for long. A must read for Anthology lovers.

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