Sunday, 25 February 2018

Book Review- A Few Last Laughs by Ramanujam R S

Book Details-
Book Name- A Few Last Laughs: A Novella
Author- Ramanujam R S
Genre- Fiction
Publisher- Kindle
Pages- 68 pages

Blurb- Marriages are made in heaven, and arranged down here in some parts of the blue ball, The Earth, the place we call home.

What do you do when people with bloated egos and gossip-mongering tendencies derail a prospective wedding?

Get bogged down or worked up, take it out on the adversaries or Lament? 

Or, do you simply slay your inner demons and adversaries and seize the chance to triumph over them all like Smitha and Anand?

"Dear life, try to steal our laughter and joy. But beware, we will always have the last laugh" - so they say.

How, you ask? 

Let’s Ask Smitha and Anand, shall we?

Review- A Few Last Laughs is a short novella which deals with Arrange Marriage and all the hoo-haha which comes with it. I liked how author knitted the plot and story using all the well known, quiet hilarious scenes from general Arrange Marriage.

Book Title and Cover- The Book Title is interesting and it surely attracts readers. However, cover could be made more interesting and attractive. Blurb is simple and crisp and gives us more disclosure about the content.

Language and Narration- Language used in the book is simple and easy to comprehend. Narration is done well and it engages readers with the book. Editing is done well and book is free from grammatical errors.

Storyline and Plot- Storyline is unique and serves us fresh story. With this book, author gives us the inside view of Arrange Marriage. Everything is done in a humorous way which engages you with the story. Books picks up the pace from the first few pages only and flows well making this one a short, interesting read.

Book Title and Cover- 3/5 
Language and Narration- 3.2/5 
Storyline and Plot- 3/5

Final Rating- 3/5

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