Thursday, 22 February 2018

Book Review- SEVEN (Years, Days, Minutes) by Aditi Nath

Book Details-
Book Name- SEVEN (Years,Days,Minutes)
Author- Aditi Nath
Genre- Short Story
Publisher- Amazon Kindle
Pages- 7 pages

Blurb- For Swara, her life had changed much in seven years.
Diya had to wait for seven days for a decision.
Aditya found love in seven minutes.
Who are they? What connection do they have with these seven years, days and minutes?
Could seven days in Nainital change their lives?
Explore this powerful short story, you will find it out too....

Review- SEVEN is a short story written by Aditi Nath where she serves us a three love stories which are connected to each other and with the number 7. How are the 3 stories connected? How does the number 7 plays key role in all three stories? SEVEN gives us answers to these questions.

Book Title is interesting and attracts readers. Cover shows a sketch of railway standing at the station and two people, girl and boy looking at each other.

The cover is attractive but could be improved further.

Language used in the book is easy to follow and unlike many Kindle books, this one is edited well.

Book is just 7 minutes  long but yet it manages to serve us a powerful, engaging story with dash of suspense. I liked the plot and the general flow of the book.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

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