Friday, 2 February 2018

Book Review- Start a Start-Up from Start by Gyanesh Sahu

Book Details-
Book Name- Start a Start-Up from Start
Author- Gyanesh Sahu
Genre- Fiction/Inspirational
Publisher- Blue Rose Publisher
Pages- 170

Blurb- The book is an inspirational journey with tips for young and budding entrepreneurs on how to set up their start-up. Knitted around the budding generation of entrepreneurs and the struggles they face. The book traces the journey of a young engineering lad with no meaning in his life and how he worked upon himself, converting his weaknesses into his strengths. It is not just a novel but a handbook cum guide which includes step wise step process for budding entrepreneurs. Want to know more? Go and grab your copy today!

Review- A fictional story blended with inspiration for start-ups with dash of Start-Up guide is what "Start a Start-Up from Start" is. Author has done good job writing his debut novel. It could not be better.

Book Cover and Blurb- Book Cover is beautiful and draws attention of readers. Title of the book is appropriate and suits best with the given content. Blurb gives right information about the book and is catchy.  

Language and Writing Style- Language of the book is lucid and easy to comprehend. Writing Style of Mr. Gyanesh is easy to follow. Book is edited well and is without any grammatical errors.

Content- l loved the storyline and plot of the book. Scenes are described with utmost care and helps readers to visualize scenes from the book in subconscious mind. One liners and philosophy in the book is cherry on the top. This is the prime reason i read the book in one go. Character building was strong. Effect of characters on protagonist's life was written amazingly.

The Start Up guide given in the book is something that I am sure will help and motivate you.

Book Cover and Title- 4/5
Language and Narration- 4/5
Storyline- 4.5/5

Final Rating- 4/5

Overall, Start a Start-Up from Start is one of the flawless, thought provoking and purely interesting book. Go for it, you'll not regret this one.

This book is must read for people who want to become Entrepreneur and those who want to start their own Start Up.

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